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LC is short for the name of our club, "Lame Cistas"... something that idenitifies who we are. The members have changed since it first began, but it represents those who dare to be different/ mock conformities/ and enjoy being cute and funky without caring what other people think. if you are any of these qualities, you have what it takes.


*** READ EVERYTHING... it's vital
1, must be at least fourteen
2, MUST be attractive in someway, if youre ugly and you know it, clap your hands and close this browser. Dont waste our and your time.
3, EVERTYHING behind a cut. application/ at least five pictures, and body shots are much appreciated. if you choose to throw in a teaser before your cut then that's coo. if you cant handle a cut, dont bother.
4, do not vote/ comment on other entries/ ask for stamps... until accepted.
5, NO DRAMA... save it for yo mamma. its all about the peace.
6, subject line must say "I'm Pretty/Handsome Damnit." [Pretty or handsome depending on gender obviously.]

lc_sirens doesn't care about your oppinions on abortion... death penalty.. blah blah blah. we just want to see if you have what it takes to be a siren... we're bluntly honest, but for good reasons. we do not allow applicants to change their application after it is posted so please be careful when you do everything right before you post it. we don't want our members to have re-read your application after you fix the things that people don't like about it.

helpful hints:
*read the info so you know what LC means
*get the right subject line
*put your heart into the application--members can tell when you actually spent a little time filling it out and you'll do much better if you put a little effort into it.

**note; the promotion goes in your userinfo/update your journal with it. OR promote but by staying within lj's TOS
***another note; due to distasteful spamming of the community, all new applicants applications will be reviewed and approved by one of the mods before being publically posted. so don't worry if there is a delay! we will approve your application as soon as possible. if it is passed, we will put you on a pre-approved members list so you can post without this problem. we're sorry for this inconvience.


.lucky you!
.feel free to post whenever you want, not text only
.COMMENT to encourage more posts
.your votes must be justified
.if your not an active member... youll eventually be banned.
.you MAY promote UNDER a cut. but will be posted no longer than a day or two.


.if at first you dont succeed, sky diving isnt for you, but you can always try again in a week with better pictures. we understand that not all pictures show you in the best light, but please make the second try significantly better, because then what's the point?
.if you are washed out, please reapply by challenging someone.
.dont take it to heart, its just the internet

LC washout:
Is there someone you think should be kicked out and have to reapply? well heres your chance to do something about it.... (note: mods can be washed out too!)
fill this out:

.how long have you been a member?
.who do you want to be washed out and why?
.three pictures of yourself:

if you are being challenged... reply to the post and fill out the following within that week, or youll automatically be WASHED OUT!

.how long have you been a member?
.why do you think you should stay in the community?
.three pictures:

PS! please don't lie to us and say you were planning on leaving anyways; we know it's not true.

*if you are washed out, please challenge someone else to get back into the community using the same format and stating that you were 1) washed out the first time 2) who washed you out previously and 3) who you are trying to washout; along with a washout application.


no current washouts

(washed out)

ps- you can always reapply!


(i don't give a damn about my bad reputation)


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